Southern New Hampshire Buyer Brokers

What Pelletier Realty Group Does

  1. Real Estate Agents at PelletierPelletier Realty Group educates you about Buyer Agency, outlining the agent’s responsibilities to you. This includes a complete disclosure of loyalty, confidentiality, and accountability.
  2. Pelletier Realty Group facilitates complete access to all MLS listings from now until you are ready to buy.
  3. Pelletier Realty Group creates a detailed profile of your wants, needs, and expectations for buying a home.
  4. Pelletier Realty Group saves you time. You will receive an email from Pelletier Realty Group every time a new listing meets your custom search criteria.
  5. Pelletier Realty Group provides detailed school and neighborhood information for any area you request.
  6. Pelletier Realty Group helps you explore all of your financing options so you can make the best mortgage decision possible and assists you throughout the loan process.
  7. Pelletier Realty Group arranges property showings, accompanies you as you view properties, provides analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each property, discloses material defects on or in the property, and discloses material facts.
  8. Pelletier Realty Groups provides comparable sales and, a market analysis.
  9. Pelletier Realty Group presents a price range for the property and suggests strategy.
  10. Pelletier Realty Group discloses motivation of Seller if known.
  11. Pelletier Realty Group negotiates the best possible home price for you and takes care of documentary details.
  12. Pelletier Realty Group assists you with any other home related services you need such as referrals for inspectors, insurers, attorneys, etc.
  13. Pelletier Realty Group works in your best interest!

Benefits of Pelletier Realty Group as Your Buyer Broker

Buyer Brokers at Pelletier Realty

  • What is a Buyer Broker?  A real estate agent that represents the Buyer in a real estate transaction once Buyer and agent have signed a written contract for representation.
  • Interview the real estate agent prior to signing a NH Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement to make sure you are comfortable working together.
  • What is the benefit of having a Buyer Broker?  The agent represents you and provides client-level services:
    1. confidentiality
    2. loyalty
    3. disclosure
    4. lawful obedience
    5. promote clients interests first and foremost.
  • Buyer’s agents do not represent the Seller.
  • Buyer’s agents have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your interests.
  • Buyer’s agents are generally paid through the cooperating fee that is in MLS. The contract with your agent may also state terms that are agreeable to both parties in the event the Seller is not paying the commission.
  • The Buyer Broker is there to assist in obtaining valuable info on the location and site. They are also there to advise you on market conditions and current values.
  • The Buyer Broker will help you develop a negotiation strategy.
  • The Buyer Broker is there to help you find property via the web and other offline resources.

NH First Time Home Buyer’s Power Point Presentation

(PDFs) of NH seminars for those about to buy a home or who have recently bought a home.

Other Representations


In the non agency agreement, the Agent does not act on your behalf but provides the following services.

  1. Disclose all material defects actually known by the licensee pertaining to the on-site physical condition of the property.
  2. Give you reasonable care and skill
  3. To be honest in the treatment of buyer and seller.
  4. Perform ministerial acts
  5. Comply with all state and federal laws pertaining to real estate activity.
  6. Account for all monies received on behalf of buyer and seller relating to the transaction.

Disclosed Dual Agency

This occurs when the agent represents both the buyer and the Seller in the same real estate transaction.

  1. Agent shall make every reasonable effort to remain impartial to Buyer and Seller.
  2. Present all offers in a timely manner.
  3. Preserve confidential information from both parties. Confidentiality shall be maintained unless; written permission is granted, information is made public from another source, disclosure is necessary to defend the licensee or otherwise required by law.

Finding the Right Agent:

Getting a recommendation from a friend or work colleague is an excellent way to find a good agent, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Be sure to ask if they would use the agent again. You can also call the managers of reputable real estate firms and ask them for recommendations of agents who have worked in your neighborhood.

A good agent typically works full-time and has several years of experience at minimum. If you are a buyer, you don't usually pay for your agent's services (in the form of a commission, or percentage of the sales price of the home). All agents in a transaction usually are paid by the seller from the sales proceeds. You also can hire and pay for your own agent, known as buyer's broker, whose legal obligation is exclusively to you.