Environmental Issues in Southern NH

Pelletier Realty Group Helps Buyers Answer Questions About Environmental Issues in NH

Goffstown, Bedford, Bow, WeareEnvironmental issues may not be the first factor you consider when looking at a property but as you narrow down the list of potential purchases this will certainly become a consideration. Although some environmental issues may be obvious others may need more investigating and testing.

Knowing the area and the history of the neighborhood is especially helpful. Is the property site in close proximately to any toxic waste sites or perhaps underground water contamination from older gas tank failures? Is the property in an area where there have been high levels of Radon or arsenic in wells? Do you see signs of mold or mildew within the structure especially in the attic or basement? There is also lead paint to consider especially when purchasing multi-family properties. If the property has an abutting power line you can have the lines tested by the power company to determine if there are any power line emissions (EMFs).

The team at Pelletier Realty Group is knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions and dig deeper to find what you need to know about every property that interests you.

PDF of Important Disclosures for Purchasers of NH Real Estate