Southern NH Mortgage Financing Options

Pelletier Realty Group knows that obtaining mortgage financing is one of the most important steps in purchasing real estate. At Pelletier Realty Group, you can find a list of recommended mortgage lenders and mortgage programs and terms. Pelletier Realty Group has a mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payment and a mortgage glossary of commonly used mortgage terms.

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Mortgage Loan Programs

Take The First Step, Make the Call

Did you know finding out what you can afford is only a phone call away? Most loan officers can be reached by cell phone and the following is what they will ask for:

  1. Over the phone, you must tell the originator your name and address, social security number of each applicant.
  2. Name, address and phone number of your current landlord or mortgage company.
  3. Your income; gross monthly income. Any additional income such as overtime, child support, dividends, social security, alimony, interest income or retirement.
  4. Current Employment, company address, phone number and employment from the past 2 years.
  5. Your Assets, savings or checking accounts, bank name, and approximate balances.
  6. Source of down payment and closing costs.
  7. Additional assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money markets, etc.
  8. Liabilities, credit cards, and balances or an installment loans.
  9. Additional properties, investments or second homes.
  10. Payments such as child support or alimony if applicable.

Find out how much house you can afford at Tami Pelletier Real Estate.After discussing your qualifications and finances you may choose to make an appointment to meet the loan officer and supply documents that will verify what you have stated. You will want to ask what they offer for programs that would best suit your needs and what their closing costs and rates are. Not all lenders can supply the same programs and prior to them running your credit you should ask them based on your income and debt what type of program they think will work for you. You are not obligated to use the loan officer even if they preapproved you, however, if they have responded professionally and are competitive it may be best to follow up with an appointment. They should supply you with a Good Faith Estimate which breaks down your costs and projected terms and payments.

The following documents must be presented upon application:

  • Your two most recent pay stubs
  • Bank statements for the last two months
  • W-2s for the last two years
  • Federal tax returns for the last two years
  • All long term debt, i.e. credit cards, loans, installment loans, child support.

We have worked with the following local lenders below and have known them to be professional and thorough.
Call to get your preapproval decision and determine your true purchase price.

Recommended Lenders:

 Justin Macagba
NMLS ID#414049
CMG Financial
Phone: 603-323-0755

Jane Jordan
Mortgage Network, Inc.
Claudia Carr
Voice: 603-634-7000
Fax: 603-645-4394
Jake Potter
NMLS# 914418
Merrimack County Savings Bank
Matthew Thomas
NMLS# 523419
Merrimack County Savings Bank
Cell: (603)848-6691
Merrimack Mortgage
Toll Free:1-877-211-5300
Paul Descoteaux
NMLS# 35502
Residential Mortgage Specialists