Marketing your Home with Us

List and sell your property with Pelletier Realty Group Pelletier Realty Group develops your Marketing Plan WITH you at the time that you list with us.

Your Pelletier Realty Group marketing plan is tailored to what your property needs.

If your property needs to be staged, Pelletier Realty Group provides staging services free of charge.

If your home needs to be painted, we’ll work with you to locate a painting contractor to get the work done quickly, efficiently and on budget.

Pelletier Realty Group will stay in communication with you every step of the way. 

  1. Constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to potential Buyers;
  2. Obtain as many qualified Buyers as possible to view your property until it is SOLD;
  3. Communicate our activities to you regularly;
  4. Provide you a copy of each advertisement as it comes out;
  5. Provide you customer feedback following each showing;
  6. Periodic summaries informing you of telephone inquiries, showings, present market conditions, market activity on similar properties and advertising;
  7. Assist you in getting the highest possible price with the fewest number of problems;
  8. Winning negotiations and strategies.

Internet Exposure Key to Marketing combined with Innovative Skills and Traditional Tools.

  1. We are not only committed to providing the best website to aggressively expose your property but to search out additional sites that further increase how and where buyers will find you. This marketing approach is based on what unique features your property has that certain types of buyers would be interested in.
  2. What good is exposure if what is being exposed is not well done? WE take very seriously how you property appears on line. We maximize your photos and have experience capturing your property at different times of the day to show your home in its best light. We offer our knowledge as to what a buyer expects when viewing your property in regards to condition and first impressions. Because we know how important this can be, we offer FREE Staging which includes the use of furniture, accent pieces and sometimes rearranging your rooms to help buyers visualize themselves living there.
  3. When it comes time to pricing your home our focus is to educate and inform so you understand the market fully. We work with real estate every day with years of experience combined with working first hand with Buyers day after day gives us insight in today’s real estate climate.
  4. We pride our ability to Quickly RESPOND to any requests on properties. Our Agents are well equipped with laptops,  cellular phones( linked direct from our office line), voice mail,  email, etc. We believe a quick response is so important.
  5. WE have a home base for our office so that all our agents are working towards selling all of our listings regardless of who is the actual listing agent. All agents who work at Pelletier Realty Group represent the Seller and share in the responsibility to work towards selling their property. WE all owe the Seller confidentiality and loyalty. Many offices may be too large to know your property and cannot all represent you.
    When you call our office everyone is working for you and can confidentially assist you so you don’t have to worry about what you disclose or say. This is a more Personal Service Orientated Approach.
  6. Traditional tools and Innovative Solutions provide a great combination for marketing. We provide Virtual Tours on all our properties. All our properties are submitted to,, just to name a few. We hold Open Houses which often have themes to create a buzz about your property and gain exposure.
  7. We provide print advertising which allows the Seller to choose a local subscription that they want to be advertised in. We provide a Cycle of Advertisements that depending on the property and activity level will rotate throughout the listing agreement.

 Important House Sellers Advice

  1. Real Estate is a long term investment typically offering a slower return and can appreciate or depreciate depending on the market.
  2. Remodeling is a great idea if you are taking resale into account. Having a unique floor plan and décor may suite your needs but may limit future Buyers who may not share such unique tastes.
  3. Don’t wait just for Spring to Sell. Buyers purchase property all year long. Many Buyers will have personal circumstances that lead to a new property regardless of the time of year. You can list your property anytime and based on the season your amenities can be emphasized.
  4. Price according to the market. The most difficult decision the Seller has to address is what to list the property for. Most Sellers will have strong opinions about price due to their own personal value which can lead to overpricing. It is important to look closely at what the agent is showing you, what they think the buyers will expect and how to compete with other properties. The truth of pricing is that it is what a buyer is willing to pay at a certain point in time. Price to create interest while having a strategy to be able to negotiate.
  5. Stage your home. Staging can be as simple as removing clutter or clipping overgrown hedges. Staging is doing what it takes to bring out the best in what your property has to offer. Sometimes staging can include adding furniture in an otherwise vacant property to add perspective and warmth. Try to look at the property from the perspective of the Buyer. They will be trying to visualize themselves living in the property. If there is too much “you” in the rooms they won’t be able to see beyond it which creates a false impression. Expectations will be high as the Buyer enters the property; it is important to have the home meet those expectations and maybe even exceed them helping you compete.
  6. Make your home EASY to show. Set up the rules with your agent as to when they will be able to easily access the property. Most Buyers typically view property after work, on weekends and early evenings. Don’t be present at the showings. Although you are a wealth of information, the Buyer will be much more comfortable viewing without your presence.
  7. Don’t do majors additions or renovations right before selling. As stated above real estate is a long term investment and needs time to appreciate. You won’t have enough time to build equity from an expensive improvement. Small projects that involve sweat equity will yield the highest return. Painting, cleaning, installing new faucets, mulching, updating knobs, refinishing floors basically any project that updates and creates a fresh look will make a difference.
  8. Hire the Right Agent, interview the agent like a job interview and find out what services they will provide. Can they provide references and other Sellers that they have worked for? Check out their office, is it professional and organized? Review their website and how properties are presented. Explore their marketing ideas, what will they specifically do to attract buyers? The best choice isn't always the agent with the highest asking price for your home. Be sure to evaluate all aspects of the agent's plan and how well you think you can work with the individual. Your interests should be theirs and they should tell you the facts in regards to pricing, condition and market climate.