Staging and Design

Pelletier Offers Free Staging and Advice to SellersStaging a vacant house - how much does it increase value?

Getting a leg up in today’s market may be as simple as hiring the right Realtor for the job. As part of the interview process of hiring an industry professional ask; “How would you stage my home?”

At Pelletier Realty Group, staging is very important as Pelletier Realty group knows buyers are looking for a new home to call their own. Buyers are moving for many reasons, relocation, up-sizing, down-sizing, or perhaps just for a change of scenery. Do you want a home buyer, to come into your home and see you not looking your best?

If you are relocating, leaving a completely empty home sends the wrong message to the buyers. By adding some key furnishings, Pelletier Realty Group will make a statement that your home is a well cared for property and the sellers care enough to welcome buyers into a comfortable atmosphere.

Staging Your Home to Sell in NHIf you are just too crowded in your current home, cluttered rooms advertise to buyers that the home is just way too small, and is also not the way to go. Pelletier Realty Group offers staging and can help you sort through what you need right now, what you don’t need, and help you show your NH real estate listing to its best advantage.

When there's been a change of family status for the seller, and the home has a hodgepodge empty look, Pelletier Realty Group will help you show your home to its best advantage by lending you staging items for marketing your home, at no charge, to take the edge off the bare spaces in your home.

When sellers homes are in need of general sprucing, Pelletier Realty Group will help you assess your home and make your NH home market ready, while understanding your budget concerns.

Sellers who stage their homes have a jump on the moving process as they have started the packing process by putting away things that add a personal stamp to the house. Sellers who show potential buyers a home that's well cared for show buyers a staged home that is not just another NH real estate listing, but a good value.