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Best Colors to Paint Your Bathrooms and Kitchen

Beautiful White KitchenWhen painting the exterior of your home, and the majority of the interior living spaces, we will recommend light neutral colors time and time again. When you are painting the bathrooms in your home you have a little more leeway in terms of introducing a slightly more colorful palette. While light pastel colors of yellow, green, and lilac are trending high this summer there is one color, in particular, to pay attention to when painting your bathroom, light blue. 

A fresh coat of paint in your kitchen and bathroom is but one of many things you can do to increase value when you are preparing to sell your home in Southern New Hampshire. Painting is a great place to start. 

Best Color to Paint Your Bathrooms: Light Blue 

There are several tasteful colors to choose from when painting your bathroom. Pastel pink, pastel yellow, and pastel mint green are all popular choices each with its own individual charms. A pastel pink will complement black and white tiles and a mixture of nickel and brass hardware to create a vintage look. Pastel yellow, when coupled with warm white trim, will introduce a warm and happy feeling into a bathroom. Choosing a pastel mint green color, again coupled with white trim and surfaces, will calm a person providing a spa-like feeling. 

The number one choice for painting your bathroom, according to a recent 2021 study conducted by Zillow, is light blue. The study indicated that home buyers would increase the offer they made on homes with light blue bathrooms by 1.6% (that translates to a $4,800 increase on a $300,000 home listing). Light blue is your number one choice for painting your bathrooms when you are looking to sell your home. Blue introduces feelings of tranquility, as it reminds us of the expansive blue sky and the peaceful feelings we associate with large bodies of water. The study also determined off-white, light yellow, gray, and dark gray to be good alternatives which may lead to a slightly higher offer. 

Best Color to Paint Your Kitchen: White 

The best color to paint your kitchen is white. The study conducted by Zillow revealed that potential buyers would be turned off by kitchens painted in bright colors. Light colors make rooms feel larger, and white has the added value of making a kitchen feel cleaner. A kitchen painted in a bright color could turn buyers away, or lead to a lower offer. The study indicated alternative colors that might be acceptable to potential buyers (light yellow/off-white, gray, dark gray, dark red, and dark green) but your best bet is to go with the number one choice of white. Painting your kitchen white has shown to increase interest in touring a home and increase the likelihood of a qualified buyer making an offer. 

The expert agents at Pelletier Realty Group look forward to helping you sell your home in Southern New Hampshire. Contact us today for all of your real estate needs.

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