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What Do You Do After You Buy a Home?

Woman Using a Move In ChecklistCongratulations on the purchase of your new home! There are several things we recommend to new and seasoned homeowners after buying a home. The team at Pelletier Realty Group has assembled a move in checklist to keep you organized and get you started. You’ll be enjoying your home, greeting neighbors, and planning your first local adventure before you know it. 

The Move In Checklist 

• Do a walkthrough: Before unloading the moving van you’ll want to do a complete walkthrough of the house. You can start formulating an unpacking plan and think about immediate and future changes you would like to make. You will inspect and take note of the repairs (completed or incomplete) and the appliances (left or taken) that were agreed upon in the terms of sale. You will take this time to look for any safety concerns of children or pets during the walkthrough. 

• Contact utility providers: You will need to set up new accounts, or transfer accounts, for your utilities in Southern New Hampshire: heating/cooking fuel, electricity, and water…and don’t forget telecommunications! 

• Update your address: You will want to update your new address immediately. Contact the USPS to change your address and have mail forwarded to your new home. You will want to give your address to your friends and family (perhaps by way of a housewarming invitation) and update all essential service providers. 

Check the appliances: When your utilities are activated, check that the oven is working, the refrigerator is plugged in and working (and holding temperature at 40ºF or below before going to market), the dishwasher and the washer and dryer are in working order. 

• Measure the rooms: Measure the rooms to ensure they will accommodate the furniture you plan to bring in…before you bring it in (it might be too large, or too small…hopefully it will be just right). You can take this time to plan on purchasing additional furniture you will need. 

• Contact a locksmith: You will want new locks on the exterior doors. You can have the locks rekeyed, or have new lock sets installed, by a local locksmith. 

• Do a thorough interior clean: It’s a great time to clean the entire house from top to bottom…before bringing anything inside. Clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, clean the refrigerator, clean the appliances and keep cleaning! You can organize a family cleaning party or hire a cleaning service. You will be happy. Your home is now sparkling clean, and you can start bringing in the furniture and boxes. 

• Make an unpacking plan: Unpacking can take a considerable amount of time. It’s best to start by moving the boxes to the rooms where they belong (proper labeling during the packing process makes this an easy task). After that, we recommend unpacking one room at a time. The kitchen is always a great place to start (you’ll want to enjoy a home cooked meal between unpacking rooms). 

• Check the smoke detectors: Change the batteries in all the smoke detectors. If the smoke detectors are hardwired, change the emergency backup batteries. If the smoke detectors are 10 year lithium battery devices, determine their age and plan to replace them accordingly. 

• Go to the market: It’s time to stock up on produce, meats, dairy, spirits, and snacks. You’ll probably also need to restock your cleaning supplies after that intensive pre-move in cleaning! 

• Meet the neighbors: You can take a walk through the neighborhood. You will get a sense of the community and have a chance to introduce yourself to your neighbors if they’re outside walking their dogs. You can also knock on a few doors to say hello. You could take a cue from Pelletier Realty Group with a small gift in hand (our pineapple logo was chosen as a symbol of welcome and hospitality…as it was central to Colonial American Hospitality). We invite you to start your own tradition, perhaps inviting your new neighbors to a housewarming party complete with rare and exotic fruit or spirits from a local brewery. 

• Relax and plan a local adventure: You might want an evening at the theater, a round of golf, a day on the slopes, a planetarium show, or a hike in the mountains. There are plenty of cultural and recreational opportunities in Southern New Hampshire to help you relax and unwind after moving into your new home (and you’ll make some new friends in the process). 

• Make a maintenance plan: Lawn care, furnace maintenance, cleaning the gutters, chimney inspection, window cleaning, tree pruning…there are a number of things to include in your maintenance plan. Some of the items will be contracted from a service provider and some will be delegated to your husband, wife, or children (developing that all important New England work ethic). It’s a great time to get a maintenance plan. You will keep everything in check from day one. Life and order will be yours in the “Mother of Rivers”. 

The team at Pelletier Realty Group is happy to answer all of your questions regarding Southern New Hampshire real estate. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!

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