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Land Ho-Ho-Ho!

With the Holidays fast approaching the general assumption is that most buyers are too busy to look at properties during the month of December and early January.

We have found that the search for the right property never really stops regardless of Holidays & Winter weather. Market conditions are really what influences buyers. Having had such a successful 2016, many types of properties in certain price ranges have Sold Out! We are now seeing an increase in Buyers looking into buying land parcels in order to build what they cannot find! This requires a coordination between the lot cost, site work and of course the structure. For those land owners who have been waiting for the demand for building lots to increase this is the time to look into what price ranges are in demand. As a land owner, you would want to know what price ranges for houses are in short supply and what price does the land and site work have to come in at in order to fill the gap.

Calling all Land Owners to take a look at what the market can bring and Ring in the Holidays with a Prosperous New Year!


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    Home Buying Process

    Buying a Home

    Buying a home is a process - Pelletier Realty Group can help you through it!

    Here is a list of steps involved in purchasing your home:

    1. Financial - What can you afford?
    2. Needs - What do you need the property to have?
    3. Community - Where do you wish to live?
    4. Property type
    5. Market data - What has sold in the area?
    6. Identify available property
    7. Visit properties
    8. Evaluate & prioritize
    9. Decide
    10. Negotiate
    11. Inspections
    12. Contingencies
    13. Renegotiate
    14. Arrange for move
    15. CLOSE!