Blog :: 10-2014

Classic New Englander in Weare

By Tami Pelletier

Just in time for Fall we have this classic New Englander filled with yesterday charm and character.

The house sits up on a gentle knoll (2.2A) overlooking the town center. Enjoy a walk to the nearby village store or stroll to Nana's snack shack for some lunch.

You can head up to the farmers markets and watch the geese land on Duck Pond. This time of year you can't help but feel nostalgic especially at this property with its barn, tree house and paddocks. Fire up the pellet stove and enjoy the sunny views thru the newer windows. The deep pumpkin colored wood floors and front porch are just some of the features that will inspire you to make this house your HOME!

Front of House in Weare NHPaddock Area with Run in Stalls - Weare NH HomeWeare NH Town Center


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NH Ranks as BEST State to Live In!

By Tami PelletierLive Free or Die

You may have heard about this report created by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) on the news or read other articles ranking NH#1 in best overall performance when comparing quality of life indicators with all 50 states. The most important indicators are as follows:

1. Health 2. Safety 3. Housing 4. Access to broadband 5. Civic engagement 6. Education

This has lead me to believe that we have been underestimating our little State in quality of life and perhaps taking it for granted a bit. Obviously we are doing something right. Of course as a Realtor I was most interested that they gave NH a PERFECT 10 for housing. Again I think housing opportunities have been taken for granted and overlooked as well.

Now it is loud and clear that NH is a great place to live. Most people living here don't need a report to tell them that but it is reassuring when a report supports it; especially one that compares us to the rest of the nation. It's certainly something to smile about as you throw on a sweater, head up to the apple orchards or take your boat off the lake this weekend!


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